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Johnson’s Signing Impacts Fantasy Football Owners Wish Lists

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Fantasy Football owners have spent months preparing for drafts that will take place over the next few weeks, but one thing they could not prepare for happened Tuesday, Larry Johnson ended his hold out and signed a contract extension with the Chiefs.

Last season many owners drafted Johnson ahead of LaDainian Tomlinson, making him the number one pick in many drafts. Although that proved to be a mistake, mainly due to Tomlinson’s outrageous season, it showed the value of Johnson in fantasy owners eyes.

This season the top two running backs were easy to figure out, Tomlinson and Steven Jackson. The addition to Johnson to the draft means that owners with the number three pick in their draft are rejoicing.

There are ten to fifteen good running backs available in fantasy drafts, but only Tomlinson and Jackson can compare to the double threat Johnson possesses, rushing and receiving, not to mention his high touchdown total.

Months and months of preparation and evaluation has been altered with just one simple contract signing, leaving fantasy owners all around the country scurrying to reposition their draft wish list, thank you and congratulations Larry Johnson.

Vick’s Gambling Could Be His Downfall From NFL

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Michael Vick has all kinds of legal troubles, some of which still might not have even been brought out yet, but his gambling on dog fights could deal the ultimate death penalty to his football career.

Everybody knows now that Vick was heavily involved with the dog fighting operation that was going on out of a home that he owned, he even plead guilty to it, but it’s his involvement with the gambling on these dog fights that will eventually keep Vick from getting back on an NFL field anytime soon.

Next Monday Vick will be sentenced in Federal court and the recommendation of the prosecution will be a 12 to 18 month sentence. If the latter is upheld, then that means Vick would not be able to return to football until 2009. That’s where his problems only begin.

If it turns out that Vick was the money behind the gambling operation during these dog fights, the NFL would be extremely reluctant to reinstate Vick to the league.

After the gambling scandal that just hit the NBA, the NFL would want no part …