Glavine Wins

Glavine Wins Number 300 For All That is Good in Baseball

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The past few weeks have seen the spotlight in Major League Baseball shined on Barry Bonds and his pursuit of the all time home run record, but on Sunday night in Chicago, Tom Glavine overshadowed the supersized slugger.

Glavine notched his 300th win at Wrigley Field as fans around the country watched live on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. Glavine joined a group that includes only 22 other Major League Baseball players.

He won with a performance that was equivalent to most in his career, with pinpoint control, and an unflappable resolve lasting an almost full seven innings.

If Bonds is all that is wrong with the game of baseball, then Glavine is all that is right. After the final out of the game in his 300th win Tom Glavine was overheard by ESPN cameras thanking bench coaches and fellow players for their help along the way.

While players like Barry Bonds and Alex Rodriguez strive for greatness to fuel their ego, Glavine just continues to do what he has done his whole career, that is represent himself and his family with the highest honor, respect, and modesty.

All that needs to be known about the difference between Glavine and Bonds is this, while Bonds was booed when circling the bases in San Diego, Chicago fans stuck around and gave Glavine a standing ovation after his milestone victory.

See, baseball and their fans have their own fraternity, and are funny in that way. It is the one sport where the fans’ fervor for their heroes super-cede their fervor for the teams they root for. If a player respects the game and its rules, and plays the game the way it was intended to be played, everyone in the fraternity celebrates, no matter what team fans have an allegiance to.

So here’s to you Tom Glavine, for playing baseball the right way and for keeping hope alive that young children growing up choose to grasp on to a role model worth looking up to.

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