Jennifer Aniston Betting Surges as She Contemplates Move to NYC

Could Jennifer Aniston be moving to NYC? You can bet on it! Jennifer Aniston could be moving to the Big Apple to star in the ‘Break Up’, a Broadway version of the hit movie she starred in with former boyfriend Vince Vaughn. The super actress could be contemplating a move to Manhattan because that is the one place in the world that her former husband Brad Pitt and his current wife Angelina Jolie do not have a home. She could also be moving to the fast moving city to meet men, or to get away from Hollywood. There are many rumors circulating around the Internet right now – across different gossip web sites – as to why she could be moving to NYC, and the possibility of a move is fueling a betting surge at online sportsbooks.


Sources have told various online rags that Jennifer Aniston is looking into buying a place in NYC because she has an urge to return to Broadway and to get out of her current Malibu apartment that she is renting for a large fee.


The rumors of the move to Manhattan are also circulating because she has been seen more and more around the city shopping and doing business, and also because a couple weeks ago she was seen eating dinner with Sam Rockwell, whom she starred with last year in the ‘The 24 Hour Plays’, a play in NYC.


“She feels she needs a boost in her life and she can meet all kinds of people there. And she can meet men,” one source said about the possible Jennifer Aniston move to Manhattan.


The odds don’t pay out well at the online sportsbooks because the move is considered to be likely, but there has been more action on this bet than there has been on most other pop culture/celebrity/political style betting events over the past few months.

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