Losing A Good Friend

Hurricanes Move From Orange Bowl Feels Like Losing A Good Friend

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Ever had someone who you counted on so much, that was there for you in good times and in bad, that no matter the situation, would never turn their back on you? If you have, then you understand the relationship Miami Hurricanes fans have with the Orange Bowl.

For decades fans have been filling the Orange Bowl in Miami every time the Hurricanes played a home game. Rain or Shine, fans turned out in tens of thousands to cheer on their college football team.

Only difference in these fans as opposed to other college football fans around the country, was that appearance did not matter to Hurricane fans.

The Orange Bowl was never the best looking stadium in the country, and it did not have much to offer as far as top notch amenities, but what it did give these fans of Miami football, was it’s heart and soul.

The OB, which it is affectionately called, would never stand you up, and never disappointed. No matter what went on in peoples lives, there was always comfort in going to a Canes game for a injection of hope.

It was a place where fans knew no failure, as evidence in the home winning streak of the University of Miami, a winning streak that was unmatched in college football, and one that lasted almost a full decade.

Hundreds of players came running through the legendary smoke that filled the air before games, and many of those players ran right into the NFL. The thing that bonds these players together, is even stronger than any individual team they played for professionally, that bond, the OB.

To hear former players talk, it’s almost as if they never even considered losing once they stepped on the OB’s sacred grass. Ask opponents who have played there and they will cringe just upon hearing those two initials.

The players have all come and gone, and while many still return often, it is the hearts of the fans that broke yesterday, upon learning of the Hurricanes move to Dolphin Stadium for the 2008 season.

While most fans understand the process of moving on and the logistics behind the move, it still leaves that uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, the feeling that only accompanies gut wrenching decisions and heart breaking losses.

When the OB says good bye to the Hurricanes this season, it will be a case of gone but not forgotten, much like a fallen best friend.

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